Pawpets Design

Fursuit Head Bags,
Individual Pawpets, custom accessories and more!
A swiss workshop for faux fur based creations.

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Swiss quality!

The swiss artist Avalon Roo, who is a very creative mind even besides his custom creations, will create your own individual Pawpet, your own customized Fursuit Head Bag or whatever you can think of.

You have specific ideas? Special requirements? Special wishes?
You want to see your imagination coming alive in a top quality?

Than you are at the right place!

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How to get your own custom Fursuit Head Bag

Duct Tape Dummy

You need to create a duct-tape dummy of your head. That sounds complicated and difficult but it is a very easy task and it makes sure, that your Fursuit Head Bag is going to fit like a charm!

Your choice!

Choose out of many different addons you can use with your Fursuit Head Bag. If its a hanger, a name tag or even an embroidered text. You can make it special!

Love it!

You'll love your new Fursuit Head Bag!
Your head will be secured forever! No dust, no dirt, nothing to worry about!

Our Prices

Custom Fursuit Head Bag

Your custom Fursuit Head Bag comes with a simple 2 coloured design and includes the markings of your eyes and nose.

120 €
+ Shipping


  • +25 € - Shoulderband (Plastic)
  • +50 € - Shoulderband (Steel)
  • +50 € - More Details
    Complex designs with up to two more colours.
    Every additional colour +15 €
  • +25 € - High Eye Details
    Handsewn 1:1 copies of your eyes on the bag

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